5 Ways to do Recovery Work Without Using Team Time

Teams travel to and from games, perhaps even practices. We are going to use that wisely to get our soft tissue mobilization in.

Here are 5 areas that are easy to hit and will help your athletes recover better and be ready to go for the next days athletic adventures!

1- Hammie Time: Stick a ball under your leg. Now, don't be THAT person and kick the seat in front of you. Instead, do some gentle straighten/bends with your leg. You can also move your leg side to side. Work the ball to different spots on your leg.

2- Neck: This one is delicious. Movements for this one....nod your head yes and turn your

3- Upper Traps: There isn't a lot of movement for this one. Do some small shoulder shrugs or side to side movement with your torso.

4/5- Upper Back and Lower Back- 2 toted balls is juicy for this one. I'm leaning away from the seat to make sure you can see the balls. Don't do that, lean back against the balls. Even less movement options for here but luckily, sustained compression does the trick. You can try a lil side to side motion like you did for the upper traps. Work the balls from the top of your back to your low back.

Spend a couple minutes in each spot. Need more? Do more. BONUS MOVES....

If you're flying, pull down the tray table (perhaps clean it??) and then gently (don't break the table) roll out your forearms and hands. So. Good.

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