Year Round Performance Recovery Program

Healing happens in a restorative state

What’s not restorative?

  • Lifting
  • Class
  • Practice
  • Meetings
  • Game Day
  • Travel
  • Etc

Athletes are taught how to get bigger, stronger and better at their sport, but they aren’t taught how to help keep their body healthier to be able to continue to play their sport. I’m here to change that.

You don’t have the time to research or come up with the program. I’ve done that for you. It’s effective, simple and easy to travel with.

This year round recovery program takes a unique approach by focusing on the athletes’ body from the middle (abdominal area) out (to the limbs).

Why? Because everything in the body is connected and when the muscles, tissue and organs in the “core” aren’t moving well, nothing else is.

The Coregeous ball and Tune Up Fitness therapy balls are the main players in this program.

So what is a Coregeous ball?!

The Coregeous ball is an air filled, squishy grippy ball. The most unique use of this ball is for a visceral massage of the organs (gut massage). Yup, if organs don’t move well, we don’t either. On top of this, the Coregeous ball is able to help anything it touches get supple and hydrated, which leads to fewer injuries, better movement and less discomfort.

What are the Tune Up Fitness therapy balls?

Hard balls like lacrosse balls and golf balls should never be used on a body. Their rock like density makes the body brace and tense up, which is the opposite of what you’re going for with this work.

The Tune Up Fitness therapy balls are grippy and squishy. The squish allows the athletes body to feel safe and accept the pressure which in turn allows change to be made. The grip creates a sheer which helps to hydrate tissue faster, making it able to slide and glide better which gives you athletes who can move optimally and have fewer injuries.

Mini yoga routines will also be taught and are great for adding into their warm ups, post training and on travel days.

Your athletes will know how to take care of their body from head to toe, including overused but under-recovered areas such as their hands, forearms, anterior neck muscles and more.

This progressive program will:

  • Enhance rib mobility/breathing mechanics
  • Decrease risk of injuries (esp soft tissue injuries)
  • Improve your athletes range of motion and mobility
  • Enhance proprioception and muscle function
  • Reduce muscle soreness, tension and overall fatigue
  • Support soft tissue care from head to toe
  • Empower your athletes to understand pain management and problem solve on their own

How long until your athletes get results?

They will notice a difference in how they feel and how they move after their first experience on the balls. Yes, it’s that quick.

My program is used by professional athletes in 13 MLB Organizations and hundreds of college (Eastern Kentucky Baseball team) and high school athletes. Get ready to have athletes who stay healthier, move better and make a bigger impact all season long.

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