Elite Mobility Training

Jack Flaherty, St. Louis Cardinals Pitcher
Tyler Skaggs, Los Angeles Angels Pitcher
Rasheem Green, Seattle Seahawks Defensive End
Picture this: you live in a world where you have fewer injuries, recover faster and live with less pain. Sounds good, right? Well, it’s possible.
You want to stay healthy, get playing time and win.
You want your athletes to stay healthy and help you and the team have the best success possible.
You want your kids to be happy, healthy and successful.
Are you tired of:
  • Sitting on the sideline, watching your teammates thrive?
  • Paying for PT and doctors appointments?
  • Dealing with the emotional and physical pain that come from injuries?
  • Being unsure about what to do to prepare for performance and recover from it?
This program will help:
  • Decrease injuries and tightness
  • Improve proprioception
  • Create mind/body connection
  • Enhance breath mechanics
  • Reduce stress and inflammation
  • Recover faster after training, games, travel days
  • Develop better mobility/flexibility
  • Enable you to perform at peak performance
Invest in your health and wellness so you have a better chance of staying healthy and dominating your competition. Plus, this program is considerably less than the money you would spend to go to the doctor.

How does this program work?

(Format: Videos to be watched via Vimeo)

You have been given a number of 15 min pre performance sessions. Choose 1 and make that part of your daily routine.

Next, you'll integrate the 20 min post performance session with the Coregeous ball. Add that into your recovery work 3-4 times a week, ideally, every other day.

There are also amazing bonus videos that you can sprinkle in at your leisure!

For Pitchers- there is a post pitching routine that I created specifically for you. It really targets the obliques, back and shoulders. It is essential that you add in this specific program after you pitch and especially, after any other time you throw off the mound with intent.

Equipment Required For My Program

You must have a pair of Yoga Tune Up therapy balls, a Coregeous ball and a Yoga Block. (Pitchers Recovery Routine does not require a block.)

Size Recommendations
Men, 13 years and up- Therapy ball PLUS pair (in a tote)
Women, boys 12 and under - Yoga Tune Up therapy ball pair (in a tote)

Purchase Therapy Balls and Coregeous Ball here:

(Ordering 24 or more gets you a great discount)

Purchase Yoga Blocks here:
Yoga Blocks can be purchased on Amazon or to get discounts for large quantities:


Elite Mobility Training Program

Yoga - Pre Performance (15 min)
Therapy Ball Rolling 1 - Pre Performance (15 min)
Therapy Ball Rolling 2 - Pre Performance (15 min)
Coregeous Ball - Post Performance (20 Min)


EMT Program PLUS

Yoga - Pre Performance (15 min)
Therapy Ball Rolling 1 - Pre Performance (15 min)
Therapy Ball Rolling 2 - Pre Performance (15 min)
Coregeous Ball - Post Performance (20 Min)

Coregeous Ball Twists
Hands & Forearms Therapy Ball Routine
Quads & Hip Flexors Therapy Ball/Yoga Routine
Shoulder Yoga Warm Up
Pec Minor Therapy Ball Routine
Ankle Mobility Therapy Ball Routine
Yoga Hip Series


Post Pitching Recovery Routine

Post Pitching Recovery Routine, with Bonus Coregeous Ball Twists Video (20 min)


Contact Information
Sarah Howard
Telephone: 206 200-8163
Email: sarah@elitemobilitytraining.com

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